82 Concepts, a boutique creative studio.

HiMy name is Shane Pilster. Since childhood my interest in computers and art and how they both can work together continues to inspire me to this very day. I have worked with ad agencies, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies, artists, musicians, corporate companies, startups, individuals, mural companies…I love all creative opportunities.

Photo by Marco LaGamba

82 Concepts is my brand name. It encompasses the many mediums and services that I offer under one roof. Good design, strong use of color theory, clean and elegant typography, clean web code, out of the box creativity, around the clock service, and customer satisfaction are my main goals. The creation of eye catching websites / products / logos / illustrations / photography, and naturally will give you an edge in this highly competitive day and age. My drive to further my knowledge and skills in multiple creative and technical fields allows me to be a one stop shop for most projects. I love creative, innovative, stylized, and original ideas with design, print, art, photography and all creative endeavors. I also love digging into code, building interactive websites, using the latest technology, solving technical issues, and all around just being a nerd for all things technical.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Pittsburgh, PA in 2004. I am eager to travel for the right project. I can also work with clients over the web via emails, phone calls, Skype, or whatever is the best method of communication so to never allow our locations to hinder a project’s success. 82 Concepts is not an office of interns turning projects around as quickly as possible. It is just me, my hand chosen team for the project, and our full attention to create something that makes our client happy. I am able to offer my clients a variety of services by combining years of creative experience, Mac and PC usage / troubleshooting, and all things related to the web (from creating websites with a text editor, setting up computers to be internet servers, learning parts of UNIX / Apache / SSH commands, etc.). One of my favorite opportunities is to try innovative and forward reaching ideas on a client’s project because they want to be different from the rest – this is especially fulfilling when I get to try out new approaches to perform such a customized task.

Please, visit my LinkedIn profile for testimonials from past clients, employers and collaborators.

82c Many people ask me what “82 Concepts” means. It encompasses my undying drive to continuously be creative and create, devise new and original ideas, to brainstorm as much as possible, to never give up (no matter how daunting the task), and to remain humble enough to realize that the first 81 thumbnail concepts may not be the one.


Shane Pilster