Hi, I’m Shane Pilster, the artist and entrepreneur behind 82Concepts. I’m a freelance creative with experience working collaboratively and independently in a variety of settings. When I’m not working with local ad agencies and marketing teams, you can find me creating with other freelancers, teaching urban lettering to young adults, or teaching my dogs sweet tricks. Rooted in my varied experience over the last ten years, I see artistic expression as a means of both work and play.


The human component of creating for a living gives value to my work. I am driven by a focus on customer satisfaction, a desire for self-betterment, and the opportunity to connect with others. I am grateful for the relationships I’ve been able to cultivate throughout my career and the opportunity to continue to grow as a creative and a person.


In other words:

Highly creative and multi-talented freelance graphic designer, web designer, and artist with over 10 years experience developing engaging and innovative digital and print design for clients in a broad range of industries. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills; dynamic team player with well-developed written and verbal communication abilities. Results-oriented professional accustomed to surpassing expectations in deadline-driven environments.