Painting Projects

Painting Projects

Urban art has been a part of my life for over two decades and I’ve never stopped learning new things within the culture, with techniques, and the creative process. A little over 10 years ago I started working with non-profits to find new ways to produce urban art for the masses by being productive instead of destructive. Over the years I’ve developed programs, curriculum for classes, partnered with schools (elementary to college), given lectures, painted at a variety of events, created murals, partnered with organizations locally and abroad, painted businesses and private residences, created digital urban art for a variety of products, and have had many painting demonstrations.


One of the major partners in this journey that have been integral in many of these partnerships has been Rivers of Steel. At the Carrie Furnace, we maintain two sanctioned spaces for artists to create new works on a regular basis. Here are some highlights from working with them:

  • Partnered with Rivers of Steel to create an Urban Art Tour curriculum, which consists of a historic and cultural tour of urban art, including the post-industrial history of Carrie Furnaces, showcasing the new works created at the site, and a hands-on workshop or demonstration for guests – ranging in ages from 6–65+
  • Conceptualized and created the branding for the Save The Carrie Deer event used in print ads, online ads, leaflets, DVD cover and disc, and T-shirts
  • Designed multiple electronic billboard ads to promote events, tours, and attractions
  • Coordinated with Rivers of Steel staff on multiple advertising projects including historic landmark signage on the heritage trail, a printed booklet for the 2018 season, multiple print ads, online ads, posters, flyers, and email blasts, along with live painting at several events including the Three Rivers Arts Festival and Thrival 2017
  • Collaborated with Rivers of Steel Arts to create (all graphics, layout, and WordPress website creation), created a coloring book of the graffiti pieces at Carrie Furnace, revised tours into lettering workshops for outreach into middle schools and high schools, created a logo for the annual Festival of Combustion, designed the brochure template for multiple seasons of Rivers of Steel Arts programming

Graphic Design
Aerosol Painting
Brush Painting
Tour Guide / Curriculum Creation
Artist Coordinator / Curator